SWRS attorneys can offer guidance, representation and counsel to individuals involved in either side of an intellectual property dispute. This includes protecting our clients’ propriety names, marks, slogans, designs and other intellectual property, as well as defending against infringement and misappropriation claims.

SWRS attorneys have experience representing both major corporations and small business owners looking to defend and protect their own valuable intellectual property. Rapid change and competitive forces make it essential that businesses engage in ongoing monitoring and aggressive enforcement of their rights to the intellectual assets they have created or acquired to develop and market their businesses.

Our IP protection services include trademark audits, initial clearance and registration of trademarks and ongoing monitoring and enforcement of trademark rights. We start by assisting clients to establish protectable and enforceable trademark rights, which includes:

  • Searching for and identifying possible conflicts in usage of a name or design before use
  • Applying for and securing state, federal and/or foreign trademark registrations
  • Providing input on designs that affect the overall “look and feel” of products and packaging, in order to avoid or enforce claims of unfair competition
  • Advising creative clients on various matters related to rights and ownership of creative properties

Once a client’s trademark rights have been firmly established, SWRS offers monitoring of key brand assets via watch services and ongoing review of compliance by outside parties and licensees. If our clients’ trademarks are still infringed upon, SWRS attorneys can help protect those valuable intellectual assets, from the initial cease-and-desist demand through litigation.

The importance of aggressive IP protection also means that many businesses will, at some time or another, find themselves facing claims of infringement or misappropriation of someone else’s intellectual property. Our attorneys have experience defending trademark and copyright infringement claims, always with an eye toward cost-effective resolution and minimal disruption of our clients’ day-to-day business.

We have experience defending against claims by notorious copyright “trolls,” who often have no role in creating the intellectual property at issue, but simply hoard rights to intellectual property created by others—rights that are frequently nebulous enough to justify a host of questionable “infringement” claims—for the sole purpose of seeking out infringement claims and extorting a settlement. SWRS attorneys can help separate these meritless claims from potentially legitimate infringement claims and can provide an effective defense to either.